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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Harris Jeyaraj and his same wine in different bottles

This blog was written while I was listening to latest Harris Jeyaraj offering, Maattraan. I like all those songs, no doubt. But why do I get the deja-vu feeling every time I listen to HJ songs? The "Hey, I've heard that one before" syndrome is very evident when I listen to his tunes.

I think there is less varieties offered by Harris in his songs. He is following the successful path that he has followed over the years without experimenting in his songs. Dont tell me the crap of "this is what I know" and "this is what my fans are asking of me" as you wont know what fans want until you give it to them.  For example, AR Rahman and the recent GV Prakash. I simply admire GVP's courage to experiment in each of his album. Each of his album will have his trademark tunes while others will be totally new. As for ARR, I don't think I have to write about him here as he is already in a different league with his uniqueness.

Even the actor Vijay who has been "drinking the same wine from different bottles" over the years has tried something different in Kaavalan (even though I didn't enjoy the movie very much.). He is one guy who always says "I can only do what I know, I won't experiment" and "this is what my fans wants" and now experimenting with different type of movies with Murugadoss and Gautham. I hope he continues to experiment as Vijay definitely has the talent besides just dancing.

Back to story, those days people used to condemn HJ to be a copycat of ARR but nowadays I beg to differ as HJ has established his own style of music making. However, I still hope now and then he will break away from his comfort zone and create new music. He has only composed music for urban movies and as far as I know there is not a single village based album that he is a part of.Well, I think he has Kovil, Arul and Saamy but thats all. Yuvan was one of those guys which we thought can only compose modern music and surprised us with Paruthiveeran.

So, Mr Harris..I think there is a few possibilities here :
1. No producers will approach you if their movie is non-urban movies
2. You do not like to be linked with village based movies
3. You have vowed to someone that you would not experiment in your music creation.

You are one of my favourite music directors and I will be among the first to download your songs from the websites.  Opps...I meant I would be among the first to purchase the Audio CDs once its released. But, I still hope to see some varieties in your album. I guess 95% of all your albums are super-hits so I believe it won't go wrong if you start experimenting now.

Thank you and good luck in your future undertakings!

From your humble fan Viknarajan.

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